Watch out for those Gym Mistakes….

Here a couple of snippets of information you may or may not know already and are common gym mistakes, yes there are loads out there. If you have any questions you wish to ask us related to fitness please put a post on our Facebook page, BWell Gyms – Gorleston & Hemsby and lets start a debate on a few topics.

Too Much Cardio?

It has been proven that most gym users, especially beginners often only use cardio machines. This is very typical with female trainers as they ‘don’t want to get big muscles’, however this means you will miss out on the benefits of resistance training which can provide you with a more complete level of fitness. Resistance training isn’t just for bulking on muscle and increasing your size and can depend greatly on the style of resistance training you wish to undertake.

Circuit training utilises resistance exercises to provide you with an aerobic workout whether they are using kettlebells or just your own body weight. Our RiGFiT training area is perfect for this type of resistance training and all you need to do is ask us when your training next and we will be happy to put your body to the test.

Do you ever vary your rep ranges?

Many of us aim for 5 – 10 reps of anything then we repeat for a number of sets. This feels good but it can seriously hinder your progression for muscle growth as muscle fibres quickly adapt to what is being asked of them. If you want to get working towards your goals structure in changes in your sets and reps for every few weeks. Sets and Reps ranges can really decide the amount and type of fitness gains you will achieve, there is a basic structure all fitness professionals work from so if you are not where you were hoping to be by now come and speak to us.

We are here to help.