Sports Therapy Tips

February is very truly upon us!!

Many of us set fitness goals for the New Year and if our bodies aren’t used to the new exercise regime, the result can be quite painful, deterring us from following through. If you want to stay on track with your New Year fitness goals, be sure to book in for regular massages to keep your body limber and up to the task.

Self-help techniques

Cramping calves

Cramping of the calf is something that often affects sportspersons and older people. Anyone can benefit by putting their straight weight-baring arm palm down on a flat surface and pressing while lightly pinching the lower arm at its widest circumference as this is the reflexology referral area for the calf. 45 to 60 seconds per arm is often enough for the cramp to ease. Substitute football and rugby players are taught this technique while sitting on the bench during play.


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