RiGFiT Training and Weight Lifting

Why would any weight lifter worth his salt be interested in our RiGFiT training rig?

Ok well here is a revelation some of you may have already realised but most of you may not….. Most of the exercises and movements you can perform on the Rig will enhance your current weight training regime by increasing your strength & endurance.

All weight trainers get stuck in a routine week by week with very little deviation in the fear of missing out body parts leaving no room for ‘New Training Styles’ because we all have other things going on in our lives besides visiting the gym up to 5 times a week. So what if I said you can benefit immensely from even as little a 3 minutes on the training rig…..and I am sure anyone can add an additional 3 minutes no matter how busy their day becomes…..for some that’s just one rest period between sets.

Our Training Rig offers a Bodyweight training style which utilises many Powerlifting & Weight Training exercises along with many others pushing your muscles and joints out of the ‘Standard Basic’ lifting movements you are stuck with on most resistance, plate loaded or barbell equipment. If improving your physique, burning a few extra calories and losing that extra little amount of body fat is your aim without stripping away the muscle you have been working on then RiGFiT training is the answer.

Ask one of our team today and see how we can get you to maximise your time in the gym.

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