Multi Fit Competition at BWell Gym

Coming Very Soon! If you like to pit your Strength, Endurance and Fitness against others then this competition is made for you. The Multi Fit Competition gives you the option to enter just 1 discipline or be the best and enter all 4 disciplines to become a Multi Fit Warrior.

Master the challenges in Power, Blast, Endurance and Speed and beat all other opponents…’s that simple! The Multi Fit Competition has yet to confirm a date however I can ensure it will be early 2015 so you may want to start preparing……

Blast – 15 grueling minutes of High/Low intensity exercise so be prepared to push your barriers.

Speed – Fastest 2 mile runner will emerge victorious…’s that simple.

Power – Deadlift, Bench Press and Clean & Press at your body weight….only 1 rep max.

Endurance – A Crossfit style workout based on 6 key exercises for a fixed time for each exercise then completing as many rounds as possible.

Single Discipline winners – 1 Months Membership to be used by them or as a gift, Multi Fit 2015 T-shirt & Free Protein Shake voucher.

Multi Fit Warrior winner – Cash prize of £100, Multi Fit T-shirt & Protein Shake voucher.

If you would like to enter The Multi Fit Competition please speak to Spencer at BWell Reception or call him on 01493 603430. Early entry £5 per person or £10 on the day.

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