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01/06/2015Does going to the gym twice a week make a difference?

Having a full and busy life can lead to you cutting back on your workout time, and in turn that can make you wonder just how little you can get away with. Unfortunately this can depend on a few variables. The duration and intensity of your workout, even twice a week, can mean the difference […]

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26/05/20153 Tips to losing weight

Weight lose can be a tricky thing to master and there is no quick fix or one solution for all. I am not going to suggest a ‘miracle’ supplement, expensive equipment or some hocus pocus gimmick but here are 3 simple tricks to get you on your way:- 1. Stop doing hours of slow cardio. Forget […]

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21/10/2014What are your views on Cortisol?

Bodybuilders beware or is it just hype? Recently I have been doing some research on cortisol after hearing it mentioned around the gym and it seems to be the new ‘Bad Guy’ in the bodybuilding circles and that if your training sessions are too long you could be having a negative effect on your body. […]

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17/09/2014Half Price Protein Tuesdays at BWell Gym

£2.00 just £1.00 Enjoy half price protein shakes every Tuesday made fresh to order. Mixed with semi skimmed milk or water if you wish to keep the carb intake low. Add additional supplements to your shake to optimise it’s potential, choose from Creatine, Taurine, Glutamine or Waxy Maize Starch for just 30p per scoop

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15/09/2014Herbalife Launch Night at BWell Gym

I would like to welcome Lee Howes who is a Better Body Coach with Herbalife. He is going to be available to each and every member also friends of members as well to help, support, guide and advise on nutrition Each consultation and wellness evaluation will consist of: • Finding out whats right for YOU • FREE […]

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10/09/2014Do you eat breakfast?

How many of us skip breakfast and have done for many years now? Is it a load of rubbish what our parents told us…..or is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Well, not eating breakfast can really inhibit your efforts to lose weight, have you ever wondered what breakfast means? In short it […]

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05/09/2014Lets ask a question…..Low Fat or not to Low Fat?

BWell Times – Newsletter To celebrate our official 1st edition being circulated to all of you who have subscribed to our Newsletter from our website, I would like to drop a little controversy into the spotlight to get your views on a subject that I find myself shouting at the TV on regular occasions when […]

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11/04/2014Customise your Freshly made Protein Shakes at Bwell Gym

You can create your own freshly made protein shake here at Bwell Gym. Not only can we make you a great tasting protein shake with semi skimmed milk or water, for those of you who are cutting up. We can now add additional supplements to your shake giving you options to have it as a […]

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BWell Gym on the Radio - Fitness Tips and Health Advice

03/02/2014Local Radio Show for Fitness Tips and Healthy Living Advice

Join us on Harbour radio every Wednesday for top advice on diet and exercise. We love chatting about fitness so we are making the most of our appearances on the new local radio show. For an hour, we chat on how to make little improvements to the way you live and train that will get […]

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04/04/2011Breakfast like a king

Food for Thought BREAKFAST LIKE A KING! As the saying goes, breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day but unfortunately, all too often, it is the least thought about meal – it often suffers from the least preparation, is […]

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