3 Tips to losing weight

Weight lose can be a tricky thing to master and there is no quick fix or one solution for all. I am not going to suggest a ‘miracle’ supplement, expensive equipment or some hocus pocus gimmick but here are 3 simple tricks to get you on your way:-

1. Stop doing hours of slow cardio. Forget about spending hours on a treadmill to burn calories. Walking at a moderate pace will only burn a small amount of calories per hour, instead for the best results you’re better off using interval style resistance training workouts. Circuit training and Crossfit style exercise routines are more efficient and can burn twice as many calories as steady constant state exercise.

2.Cut back on the carbs. This is quite an important one to follow and eating a lower carbohydrate diet will get your body to use your stored body fat as energy. When I say cut the carbs I don’t mean that you have to avoid them entirely, you simply need to limit certain types and cut back on the quantity overall. Just monitoring your intake of complex carbohydrates (bread, biscuits,pasta and rice) and simple sugars (chocolate, sweets, cakes, fruit juices and carbonated soft drinks) can speed up your weight loss.

3. Ditch diet soft drinks. I know they boast zero calories but studies have shown that drinking diet soft drinks can actually make you eat more and gain weight. Instead of drinking diet soft drinks I suggest you drink cold water with slices of of your chosen fruit in with it to give it a subtle but enjoyable flavor.

Like I said before, there is no quick and easy fix for all but making a few of the right choices can definitely speed up your weight loss.

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