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Welcome to BWell Gym

BWell Gym is based at Units 7 and 8 Bessemer Way, Great Yarmouth. We are a modern, well equipped gym with an enormous array of exercising options, including free weights, cardiovascular machines, resistance machines, and the largest dedicated functional fitness training rig in the area. We can help you as much or as little as you like – for basic fitness or for professional athletes, our years of experience can boost your training

Being based on an industrial estate means that our busy times coincide with the quiet periods with our neighbours, so parking is easy and plentiful.

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BWell Gym Great Yarmouth
BWell Gym Great Yarmouth is sharing a COVID-19 update.
BWell – The Reopening

BWell has been operating for 20 years. Originally as a private sports clinic, then later becoming the Gym and Health Club you all know and love. During that time, it’s safe to say we’ve never experienced anything like the Covid-19 crisis. The current situation was unexpected, and it’s extremely worrying for us all.

Meeting the challenge head on

BWell has always operated with a ‘can-do’ attitude. In 2 decades, we’ve never taken a negative approach to any challenges we’ve faced, and we don’t plan to start now. Utilising our many years of experience, we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes on our plan to reopen safely. It’s a member-focused approach as always, involving a new set of procedures that will minimise the risk, prevent the spread, and interrupt the transmission of COVID-19 in BWell Gym. Once executed our members will once again be able to exercise within BWell Gym knowing we have their health and safety as our number one priority.

It’s not just a gym, it’s a family

Our motto isn’t just a marketing soundbite, it’s the truth. To us, our members are not just numbers they are people - and in many cases our friends. We had 956 memberships pre-lockdown and our staff knew them all. So, our approach was quite a simple one. We started with our oldest member aged 92, and worked our way down to our youngest, aged just 8.

We took the time to look at the medical conditions and the degree of vulnerability of some of our members. As a gym that accepts many GP referrals, it came as no surprise to find hundreds of conditions ranging from COPD, Types 1 & 2 Diabetes, and Arthritis, as well as various disabilities and mental health issues. Added to this we have a new condition – fear of the unknown. Many of our members have been isolated for the whole lockdown period, and we are all uncertain of the future with Covid-19. It might be in our lives for many years to come, and perhaps forever. Nobody knows.

However, it took very little time to develop a clear plan. We knew that if we could make changes that catered for our oldest and youngest members – the opposing ends of the spectrum – all our other members would fit nicely in between.

It really was that simple.

So, what exactly have we done to ensure we’re ready once we’re given the green light to open our doors? The BWell step-by-step guide to making your training stress free, and your gym a cleaner and healthier environment to exercise in will follow soon.

Stay Tuned 😊

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