bwell gym packed full of weights, benches,
resistance and cardio machines

No shortage of weights, resistance, cardio machines and space to workout

The BWell Gym is designed with the varying needs of our customers in mind. We aim to cater for everyone from the absolute beginner, the severely overweight or those with complex medical problems just as much as we do the athlete, the ultra-fit or the bodybuilder alike.

We know that everyone who joins BWell will have their own obstacles to overcome, so we have taken great care to lay out the gym so that anyone would feel comfortable exercising. The Gym is split into specific functioning areas where different types of training can be carried out. It is designed so that you can always find a space to workout without feeling out of place or intimidated. We cater for such a broad spectrum of people, so you should never need feel like you stand out like a sore thumb, something that is essential for those people new to exercise or those who feel a little self-conscious.

Cardio Section

We have a large selection of cardiovascular machines, which can be used to develop endurance and general fitness. Some people like to have variety and do different types of cardio work so we have loads of treadmills, cross trainers, cross ramps, arm bikes, recline and upright bike, steppers, rowers plus a special disability ergometer. We can advise you on which is best to suit you, your body and your needs.

Mobility and Core Zone

The Core and Mobility Zone consists of a ‘soft play’ matted area with an array of fitballs, medicine balls, balance trainers, air disks and myo-fascial rollers to help develop flexibility, balance, body awareness and strong torsos.

Light Free Weight Zone

With benches, dumbells, body bars and light kettlebells up to 10kg,. This is an area where you don’t have to pump iron to get the benefits of using free weights, or get competitive with the person training beside you.

Toning Resistance Machines

These weights machines are a great way to exercise safely and effectively without having to overwork your body. These machines put you in the right position to move well, and all the major muscles can be worked here to tone your body without having to strain your brain or your joints.

Plate Fed Machines

The key muscle groups can be worked to the maximum with plate Olympic plate loaded weights machines, great for the body builder or strength athlete working out without a spotter.

Rehab Zones

Clinical based areas where you can train alone, with a personal trainer, sports therapist, exercise specialist or physiotherapist. We have several clinic rooms as well as private a private training area that can be booked out where you can focus on your own rehab workout without having other people interfere or distract you.

Making the effort makes big changes happen

Lisa Borrett

Hi this is Lisa Borett here and I am writing to you to tell you my feelings about your gym and your team. Before I started coming to you I was very inactive. my limbs were very inactive, my left arm and fist were stuck really close to my chest i ...

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