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Functional fitness is quite simply a way of exercising that mimics real life movements and activities. The benefit of working your whole body at once rather than one body part at a time is that you can get a great effective workout in less than half the time.

You can choose to use the exercises individually to build up your fitness, strength and self confidence, or you can put them together in circuits to really tax your body.

The Training rig is the base for a whole range of activities, with suspension trainers to develop useable core strength, rings and ropes, monkey bars and a weighted ball target.

The RigFit Zone also houses a load of other functional kit such as kettlebells, powerbags, body bars and plyometric boxes. It also has a specialist timer-sounder so you dont need a trainer on hand with a stopwatch.

For the person who wants to work to extremes of fitness we have monster tyres for flipping and sledgehammering (very satisfying), battle ropes and punchbags, as well as olympic bumper plates for Crossfit Style powerlifting, and log lifting kit.

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The staff are always on hand to offer advice with my training

Richard Taylor - Great Yarmouth Sprinter

My Name is Richard Taylor, and I am a Junior sprinter with Great Yarmouth and District Athletics Club. I have now been assisted in my athletic training by BWell since December 2011.  The staff are always on hand to offer advice with my training, ...

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