Outdoor fitness training, Gorleston Great Yarmouth

Functional Fitness Training & High Performance

High performance and functional fitnessCross Training /RigFit Zone

Boasting the only training rig in Great Yarmouth, for the latest in functional fitness exercises. With a programmable countdown clock helping you focus on interval based workouts and challenges for your fitness level. Here you will find Olympic bumper plates for power lifting, battle ropes and powerbags, kettlebells and bodybars, punchbags and climbing ropes, medicine balls and deep soft landing mats.

Outdoor Training Area

With areas for summer workouts, be it using free weights or strongman training, we have tyres for flipping and areas for fitness workouts in the fresh air. Where you can work on your fitness and your tan.

Olympic Lifting Zones

Designed for use with Olympic size barbells with squat racks, lifting platforms, smith machines, pressing benches, and curling benches, these are the athlete and strength trainers home territory.

Heavy Free Weights & Cable Area

With multiple sets of dumbells ranging from 5kg to 60kg, the free weights area has an array of benches and cable machines to help you build and hone your body, working out alongside other committed trainers.

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Making the effort makes big changes happen

Lisa Borrett

Hi this is Lisa Borett here and I am writing to you to tell you my feelings about your gym and your team. Before I started coming to you I was very inactive. my limbs were very inactive, my left arm and fist were stuck really close to my chest i ...

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