About BWell Gyms

At BWell gyms we aim to provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment for you to workout and reach your fitness goals.  We have more than 100 exercise stations for you to have a wide range of activity options.  So whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get stronger or simply be fitter it is likely that we have just the right thing for you.

We have a small dedicated team of fitness professionals with a tremendous range of experience and expertise.  We can help most everyone across the full range of human ability, from giving gentle rehabilitation exercise for those recovering from illness or injury, right up to top level athletes aiming for very specific goals.

Most people who join a health club need some advice and encouragement at some stage. Some need more help than others, so we have set up a simple system where you can join BWell inexpensively and workout without ongoing help and guidance.  Alternatively you can get help from as little as £6 for a programme update.

BWell has helped pioneer a range of rehabilitation services locally, and the club currently delivers pulmonary rehabilitation programmes for the James Paget Hospital.

We love a challenge, so whatever state your body is in, or whatever your goal, make sure you come down and meet with us before you embark on a fitness regime.  Our monthly rolling membership means that you do not have to commit long term, and the onus is on us to help keep you motivated and progressing.

Athlete support programme

Over the last 8 years, BWell has supported a number of up and coming young sports stars of the future. We provide facilities for them to train in liaison with their sports coaches, and give support and advice when requested.

So far we have had numerous British Champions, European Championship medalists and even a Paralympic Gold Medalist that has benefitted from using BWell facilities.

If you know of an up and coming star of the future who would benefit from using BWell, contact either Spencer McCormack or Paul Brice.

Making the effort makes big changes happen

Lisa Borrett

Hi this is Lisa Borett here and I am writing to you to tell you my feelings about your gym and your team. Before I started coming to you I was very inactive. my limbs were very inactive, my left arm and fist were stuck really close to my chest i ...

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